BBC Football Commentary Data – Webscraping

I wanted to use this post to provide a permanent link to the datasets I provide from the web-scraping I am doing of the BBC Football Commentary provided online. The data for this commentary is sourced from Opta and sources are documented within the dataset.

I am currently scraping all English and Scottish Leagues (including English Conference) and also English League Cup and FA Cup. Please let me know if you would like to see other competitions included (if the data is available).

More details will follow once I have had more time to flesh out, and improve, my methodology, and also to document the datasets. For now this post though will provide the links to two data formats – both of which I aim to update at least weekly if not more often.

Data formats provided: zipped csv format and tableau packaged data source (.tsdx). Both are available in the following location:

Any comments or bugs noted please let me know below. More details to follow.


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