Recent Alteryx Web Round-up

I thought I’d round up some stories / blogs recently that have caught my eye from an Alteryx perspective. I couldn’t help but firstly comment on the great news that Alteryx have secured 60 million dollars of investment, this can only be good news for customers, partners, and Alteyrx themselves. Alteryx Chairman and CEO Dean Stoecker published the following blog post:

Alteryx: Solving for the 2.5 Million Plus Person Opportunity

From a more technical perspective first I thought I’d start by sharing Ken Black’s results from his flat file import of data, in comparison to other methods he found Alteryx to be impressively quick:

A Truly Unbelievable #Alteryx Flat-File Reading Result

Data Glut offers a new blog on Alteryx here, looking at parsing publicly available data

Digging for Data: Unearthing the Locations of Farmers Markets in Boston – Part 1

Jarod Theuner looks at merging IP Addresses

Merge Ranges

Chris Freeman of Alteryx talks about Web Scraping using Alteryx

Web Scraping with Alteryx, Part 2

Mike Treadwell at Interworks talked about how to clean files ready for use in Tableau

Make your Data Tableau ready

Please don’t miss Adam Rileys latest version of his Macro Pack, a must have download:

Blog Macro Pack – Q3 2014 Release

Finally there’s my own post over at The Information Lab, which runs through a means of quality checking your data quickly using Alteryx and Tableau

Health Check your Data using Alteryx and Tableau

Please let me know if you think I’ve missed anything, also highlight anything useful to me on twitter @ChrisLuv and I’ll ensure it gets published in what I hope will become a regular feature on my blog.


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