Scotch Anyone?

I have a passion for nice Scotch whisky, I haven’t tried lots but I try and get a new one every so often. A friend recently asked me for a recommendation and so I decided that, as my geekness knows no bounds, I’d build him a dynamic one rather than recommending something I like.

The resulting Tableau dashboard is below – click the image to access – any comments let me know here or on Twitter, what was your preference? My tipple over Christmas is currently a nice BenRiach 12 Year old.



2 thoughts on “Scotch Anyone?

  1. Chris, how are you?
    This dashboard is amazing, had some fun playing with it, good work.

    quick question, did you have to do anything special to embed your tableau public dashboard to this wordpress blog? I ask because I tried to embed mine and all I got was a static picture of the dashboard.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  2. Thanks Diego – you’ll notice that I added a picture and then linked to the main blog post from taht picture. WordPress wouldn’t let me host the viz directly.

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