Flights of fancy with Alteryx and Tableau

I’ve created a new visualisation on Tableau Public based on OpenFlights data, partly inspired by this post by Nathan Yao.

The hard work was done in Alteryx, using the R tool:

orig <- read.Alteryx("#1")
dest <- read.Alteryx("#2")
inter <- gcIntermediate(orig, dest)
write.Alteryx(inter, 1)

Feeding in two ordered lists of flight data from the OpenFLights routes then gave me a path of fifty points per route, which I could work with and “polish” in Alteryx before visualising in Tableau.

Here’s the result, the full dataset worked perfectly in Alteryx and Tableau but there were too many records for Tableau Public (1 million limit) so I had to cut it down. This just goes to show what an amazing combination Alteryx and Tableau are.

click to interact

click to interact


11 thoughts on “Flights of fancy with Alteryx and Tableau

  1. This looks great. I’m trying to get to grips with Alteryx and the R integration by replicating what you’ve done here as a starting point. Would you be able to show a screen shot of the final project workflow or write a post with a step by step guide? That would be really useful for me as a beginner. Thanks!

  2. Hi Chris, I am using R integration to get the intermediate data points for curve plotting but tableau can accept only single value from R right ?
    How can we get a list of lat n long returned by R in tableau and plot those values ?

  3. Hi Chris,

    We are using Talend and we have oracle as our data source. Can you help me out how we can integrate the Talend with R and get the desired output ? Also if you can share how you integrated R with Alteryx, that would also be helpful.

    • Hi – Alteryx has R embedded, I’m afraid I can’t help you with Talend, I tried it once then started using Alteryx and never looked back.

      • Hi Chris, I also tried your approach and created intermediate data points using R but somehow when I create a report in tableau it doesnt show a curve as you have.

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